Tribe Secrets

What do you see?

Arizona 2017

Artist Proof: 1

Artist Limited Edition: 50

Tribe Secrets is a conversational and controversial art,That encourage the viewer to interact and discover the hidden secrets of the tribes, The location might be familiar to you, But. Do you see something hidden in the photo? Maybe it’s a person, an animal or something else? Discover the hidden beauty in the arts.

The series features 4 photos, photographed in a Native American tribe reserve, Beyond beautiful colorful rock formation, each photo has something hiding in it, some see it in the first second, some find other hidden secrets within.

Imagine, having friends or clients for a dinner or a meeting, no one will miss interacting with those colorful photos, ask them if they see what is hidden in the photo, and then continue to your dinner or meeting keeping your guests intrigued.

The Collection: